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Design for Small Business

Do you have a new business space or are you looking to update an existing one? Dolfing Design will work closely with you to create a space that’s perfect for you, your business and your customers.

When it comes to commercial, hospitality or retail interior design, Dolfing Design focuses on smaller spaces that help to bring your brand to life, whether they be office spaces, practices, restaurants or café’s, retail or concept stores.

Getting to understand your business is my first step in understanding your vision and functional requirements for your business space.

For office spaces, the value of a successful workplace interior cannot be overstated. A touch of creativity in the workplace can stimulate the mind and inspire your colleagues, as well as attract and retain members of your team.

With hospitality locations, ambiance can make or break a business. It’s important to ensure that the venue is as great as the menu. Everyone has been to a restaurant where the food is fantastic, but the lighting is too bright or it’s difficult to hear people at your table due to bad acoustics. Dolfing Design will help you to create a space that will be a feast for all senses.

And for retail, gaining customer interest is crucial so that customers notice your shop and want to come inside. The key is to heighten the retail experience by creating paths of travel to propel customers through a retail journey to key in-store destinations, leading to increased sales. Dolfing Design will collaborate with you to produce dynamic interiors that can be adapted to trend and stock changes.

Let's Get Started

Let’s meet in person to discuss your project, budget and business requirements. From the get go you’ll receive a one-to-one personalized service all about you, your vision and your project.

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